Everything under one roof

The University Hospital Basel is synonymous with the very best in medical, nursing and therapeutic care. Cooperation between our various disciplines and professions ensures that this is the case, promoting communication and facilitating individually tailored treatment.

All specialists at the University Hospital Basel are on hand when it comes to finding the best possible solution to any problem. The various treatment centers that we have established and developed in recent years are illustrative of this approach. For example, a highly specialized treatment team at our tumor center focuses intensively on the needs of patients with all kinds of cancers. The patients at our various centers (cardiac, breast, pulmonary, ER, strokes, spine, kidney transplant and stem cell transplant) also greatly benefit from the fact that all disciplines and fields are combined under one roof at the University Hospital Basel. Last but not least, we always remain at the cutting edge of medical and nursing care thanks to our close ties with the University of Basel. The University Hospital Basel is consequently the first and best address when it comes to treating complex health problems. We invest our energy in ensuring the best possible medical and nursing care for your wellbeing.