Clinical Ethics

Clinical ethics is concerned with ethics in clinical practice and with ethical issues that arise in the treatment of patients. This involves a balanced combination of practical support (counseling), continuing and advanced education and training, and research. The work of clinical ethics is interdisciplinary; the services are aimed at nurses, doctors and other health professionals. The concerns of patients and their families are also taken into account.


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«Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy» vom 13. Februar 2013

Finding their voices again: a media project offers a floor for vulnerable patients, clients and the socially deprived

«DU bist Radio» is an award winning radio format that goes on air on three Swiss radio stations. The purpose of this program which was first broadcast in 2009 is the development of a new media format which - without applying any journalistic (or other) filter and influence - conveys authenticity of expression amongst society’s most vulnerable fellow citizens such as patients, clients and the socially deprived.


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