Pastoral services at the University Hospital

Die Kapelle des Spitals befindet sich im Klinikum 2 im 2. Stock.

The hospital chapel is located in Clinical Center 2 on the 2nd floor.

We are Catholic and Protestant theologians who work together at the University Hospital Basel.

Our service is performed on behalf of the two national churches and the canton.

What is important to us

We consider pastoral care in the hospital to be companionship during a journey.

People are moved by different kinds of thoughts and emotions in hospital. We will gladly spend time with you if you wish to gather and express your thoughts. Confidence and optimism can grow in a conversation. With us, you can talk, pray or be silent.

It is essential for us to treat people with openness and respect. Therefore, it is our desire to understand their state of health, their life story, their thoughts and feelings, their culture and religion.

It is important to us to perceive peoples’ needs, to support them and provide human closeness and warmth. We are subject to professional confidentiality and we respect your beliefs. Our team of pastoral advisors is available to everyone, irrespective of faith or religion.