Your admission – Getting off to a good start

Being admitted to a hospital is not an easy step for most people. In fact, there is often a certain degree of anxiety associated with it. We do our utmost to ensure that you feel comfortable during your stay with us, and that you receive the best possible care on both a professional and personal level.



Depending on the agreement you signed with your health insurance or accident insurance, you will be looked after in a general, semiprivate or private ward. If your insurance coverage is insufficient, extra costs quickly add up that you will then have to cover yourself. Therefore, make sure that you clarify all insurancerelated issues with your health insurance or accident insurance before your admission. If you do not have full approval from your health insurance or accident insurance, we will request a deposit prior to admission. We accept all standard credit cards for payment.

Price list for University Hospital Basel

Our admissions staff will be happy to help if you have any questions:
Phone: +41 61 265 44 93

Admission formalities

There are a number of administrative formalities to complete on admission. For admittance, we require your signed registration form. You will receive this together with your written treatment plan. Please submit this form to us as quickly as possible,at the latest one week before your hospital stay is due to start. The registration form contains personal details that are essential for the organizational and financial processing of your hospital stay and your personal care.

You will also receive a wristband on admission. This is used to identify you clearly at all times during operations, when carrying out laboratory tests or if you are moved to a different ward. Your wristband is worn until you are discharged, after which it is disposed of in line with dataprotection requirements. While wearing the wristband is voluntary, we strongly recommend that you keep it on during your entire stay.

Please bring the following documents with you on your admission to the hospital (if available):

  • Admission letter from your doctor
  • Insurance card (plus corresponding certificate if you have additional insurance)
  • Blood group card
  • Medical cards or certificates, e.g.insulin requirements, allergy card, anticoagulant card
  • Medication schedule, or list with medication you are currently taking
  • Patient decree
  • Organ donor card
  • X-rays

You only need a few personal itemsduring your stay:

  • Toiletries, e.g. toothbrush,toothpaste, shower gel
  • Underwear
  • Sturdy slippers with a non-slip soleTracksuit
  • Nightgown or pajamas
  • For your free time: something to read, music with headphones, games, puzzle books, etc.

Moving into your room

As soon as the formalities have been completed, you can move into your room. Here you will find the telephone number where you can be reached during your stay. You can receive calls between 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 p.m.

Please leave expensive items such as jewelry, laptop computers or large amounts of cash at home. The University Hospital Basel accepts no liability for any losses. If you wish to bring cash or valuables, then all of our rooms are equipped with safes. You can also leave valuables in the safe at the main cash desk (lobby in Klinikum 1, Spitalstrasse 21) – and receive a corresponding receipt in return.

Admission interview

On your day of admission, you will have an initial consultation with the responsible doctor and the responsible member of the nursing staff. A note pad and pen can be found next to your bed. Use this to write down anything that is bothering you or any questions you wish to ask. You will have the opportunity to clear up these issues during your initial consultation or during normal rounds.

Interpreting service

Wherever possible, we offer patients speaking foreign languages an interpreting service. Please contact the nursing staff in good time if you wish to use this service.