Research Groups

Current research groups of asim:

Evidence-based Insurance Medicine Research Group (ebIM Research Group )


Functional Assessment in Psychiatry Research Group (FIP)


Evidence-based Insurance Medicine Research Group (EbIM Research Group)


By establishing the “Evidence-Based Insurance Medicine” research group, asim strives to integrate the fundamental principles of evidence-based medicine – the integration of the scientific evidence in medical decision-making – into insurance medicine.  Thus, asim aims to develop and perform applied research projects concerning the pressing issues in insurance medicine on both the system level and the individual level.  Asim also supports the implementation of research results in system-level decisions and the care of patients and insured persons with benefit entitlements.  In addition, asim promotes undergraduate, postgraduate and professional education in evidence-based insurance medicine and informs the public about relevant evidence. The research group “Evidence-Based Insurance Medicine” is a scientific collaboration of researchers from the Netherlands, Canada and Switzerland.