The effectiveness of return to work coordination programs for work disability: A systematic Cochrane review with meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials

Projectgroup:Nicole Vogel, asim, University Hospital Basel
Stephan Schandelmaier
Wout de Boer, asim, University Hospital Basel
Thomas Zumbrunn, CTU, University Hospital Basel
Gordon Guyatt, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Jason Busse, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Shanil Ebrahim, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada
Regina Kunz, asim, University Hospital Basel (Lead)

The dramatic rise in chronically ill patients on permanent disability benefits threatens the sustainability of social security in high-income countries. Social insurance organizations have started to invest in promising, but costly return to work (RTW) coordination programmes. The benefit, however, remains uncertain. We conducted a systematic review to determine the long-term effectiveness of RTW coordination compared to usual practice in patients at risk for long-term disability.

To determine the effectiveness of return to work (RTW) coordination compared to practice as usual in patients on work disability for at least 4 weeks on permanent disability, RTW, functioning, and quality of life.

Contact:Regina Kunz,