Perceived fairness in work disability evaluations (Phase 2)

Projectgroup:Regina Kunz, EbIM, University Hospital Basel (Lead)
Timm Rosburg, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Brigitte Walter Meyer, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Katrin Fischer, FHNW Olten


There are some anecdotic reports that claimants for disability benefits sometimes consider themselves unfairly treated during work disability evaluations. In such cases, claimants might miss an atmosphere of trust and respect or the medical expert might not let them finish talking. Perceived fairness has yet not been systematically studied in Swiss work disability evaluations.

For this purpose, we developed the Basel Fairness Questionnaire (BFQ). In a first study on 305 claimants, we found that only few of them perceived the work disability evaluation as unfair. However, the initial finding needs to be interpreted with some caution, as only 4 out of 29 Swiss assessment centers participated in the study. For future studies, we plan to compare mono-, bi-, and polydisciplinary work disability evaluations, as well as different medical disciplines. 

Contact:Timm Rosburg, 
PublicationPerceived fairness of claimants undergoing a work disability evaluation: Development and validation of the Basel Fairness Questionnaire. PLOS ONE 2020