Mini-ICF-APP in work disability evaluations

Projectgroup:Regina Kunz, EbIM, University Hospital Basel (Lead)
Timm Rosburg, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Jörg Jeger, MEDAS Central Switzerland Lucerne
Bruno Trezzini, Swiss Paraplegic Research
Urban Schwegler, Swiss Paraplegic Research


The Mini-ICF-APP is a rating instrument that allows standardised classification of functioning and disability in adults with mental health disorders (Linden et al., 2009). It encompasses ratings of thirteen functional domains, such as endurance or group integration. Since 2010, MEDAS Zentralschweiz (Lucerne) has been using the Mini-ICF-APP in polydisciplinary work disability evaluations for claimants with mental health disorders. In the current study, we investigated the association between the estimated residual work capacity and the Mini-ICF-APP ratings. In this context, we also analysed differences in the Mini-ICF-APP ratings between different mental health disorders. 


Linden, M., Baron, S., Muschalla, B. (2009). Mini-ICF-APP: Mini-ICF-Rating für Aktivitäts- und Partizipationsstörungen bei psychischen Erkrankungen. Bern: Huber.

Contact:Timm Rosburg
Publication:Rosburg T, Kunz R, Trezzini B, Schwegler U, Jeger J. The assessment of capacity limitations in psychiatric work disability evaluations by the social functioning scale Mini-ICF-APP. BMC Psychiatry. 2021.