Renal transplantation, employment and disability – What is known about persons with a kidney transplant? A feasibility study

Projectgroup:Hug Balthasar L (Lead), University Hospital Basel
Koller Michael, CEB, University Hospital Basel
Danuser Brigitta; IST, Lausanne
Steiger Jürg, University Hospital Basel
Kunz Regina, EbIM, University Hospital Basel

Getting people with a successful transplantation back to work is one of the main goals of transplantation. Unfortunately, Switzerland lacks informative data whether this goal is achieved.  For instance, it is unknown how the process of revising the disability benefits in patients with a successful transplant works in practice, how many people with a successful transplant become fit for work and return to a paid job, and what kind of judgments does the disability insurance make on the patient’s work capacity following a successful transplantation. Using a single disease in a single center (kidney transplantation at the university hospital Basel ), this study of the Swiss Transplant Cohort (STCS, explores the feasibility of accessing available data, and what kind of data would need to be collected for a full-scale study across Switzerland.  

Contact:Regina Kunz,
Publication:Branca-Dragan S, Koller Mt, Danuser B, Kunz R, Steiger J, Hug BL. Evolution of disability pension after renal transplantation: methods and results of a database linkage study of the Swiss Transplant Cohort Study and Swiss Disability Insurance. Swiss Med Wkly. 2021 Sep 23;151:w30027. doi: 10.4414/smw.2021.w30027.