Writing sicknotes - a challenge for family doctors in Switzerland?

Projectgroup: Wout de Boer, asim, University Hospital Basel (Lead)
Sarah Kedzia, asim, University Hospital Basel
Regina Kunz, asim, University Hospital Basel
Peter Tschudi, Institut für Hausarztmedizin, University Basel
Andreas Zeller, Institut für Hausarztmedizin, University Basel
Abstract:Studies from Sweden, Norway, Ireland and the Netherlands indicate that general practitioners may experience a range of challenges in the process of sickness certification: For instance, practitioners may experience role-conflicts or need to handle conflicts with their patients who request seemingly inappropriately a sicknote. Others again, may experience a lack of knowledge and skills to confidently make decisions in sickness certification.

We conduct an online survey to assess whether Swiss practitioners are faced with similar challenges. The results will give insight in the experience of Swiss practitioners and will form a starting point for further studies.

This project is done in cooperation with the Institute for Family Medicine,  Basel.
Contact:Sarah Kedzia, sarah.kedzia@anti-clutterusb.ch