Survey on the information needs in insurance medicine

Projectgroup:Adrian Verbel, EbIM, University Hospital Basel (Lead)
Rebecca Weida, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Sacha Röschard, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Brigitte Walter Meyer, EbIM, University Hospital Basel
Regina Kunz, EbIM, University Hospital Basel


Finding reliable information for insurance medicine tasks can be difficult. In this international survey, we inquire about the information needs (e.g. scientific evidence) of professionals working on insurance medicine to make decisions in medical practice, the sources of information they use and the time they spend on these activities. Furthermore, we ascertain the need for training in finding, reading and interpreting scientific information, as well as applying it to the individual cases in practice. We also assess the awarness about Cochrane. The results will help Cochrane Insurance Medicine (CIM) planning further activities to support professionals in insurance medicine in their daily tasks

Contact:Adrian Verbel, 
Publication:Kunz R, Verbel A, Weida-Cuignet R, Hoving JL, Weinbrenner S, Friberg E, Klipstein A, Van Haecht C, Autti-Rämö I, Agosti N, Vargas-Prada S, Kneepkens R, Lindenger G, de Boer W, Schaafsma FG. Evidence needs, training demands, and opportunities for knowledge translation in social security and insurance medicine: A European survey. J Rehabil Med. 2021. doi: 10.2340/16501977-2821. Epub ahead of print.