Short-term Medical Clinic

The short-term medical clinic works together with doctors of internal medicine based on a system similar to that of affiliated doctors. The doctors of internal medicine manage the treatment and optimal care of patients.

The short-term clinic is available for brief hospitalization for the investigation of diseases or implementation of intensive therapy. Hospitalization is limited to a maximum of six days. Both inpatients and outpatients are cared for in the short-term clinic. Referrals are made by the various internal departments.

Diagnostic investigations and short-term therapeutic measures are offered efficiently within a prescribed time frame from Monday to Saturday.

The objective is the optimal care of patients within a defined period of time. To achieve this goal, the short-term clinic works closely with the various departments of internal medicine.

In addition to these services, the short-term clinic is also an important cornerstone of the medical division in terms of teaching and research. It is also involved in various research projects.