Our Vision

Success through nursing excellence 


"We stand for patient-centric healthcare"

  • Systematic integration of patient preferences in the healthcare process
  • Ensuring continuity and efficacy of patient care in all areas of treatment
  • Creating and supporting a positive working environment
  • Maximising the professional potential of nursing staff
  • Deploying staff according to their individual skills: "The best by the bedside "
  • Gearing the professional understanding of nursing (subject to contextual conditions) towards patient-centric healthcare

“We support effective models and encourage innovative developments”

  • Promoting Advanced Nursing Practice
  • Fostering a climate that guarantees patient safety
  • Best practice through comprehensive practice development
  • Creating a nursing culture based on the best available evidence
  • Encouraging and implementing clinical nursing research

“We work to strengthen our professional sovereignty and autonomy, and actively participate in networks”

  • Building up expert knowledge
  • Taking an active role in shaping patient care processes
  • Targeted use of both internal and external networks
  • Expansion of shared governance
  • Setting up collaborations that specifically champion knowledge management
  • Strengthening the international networking of practice development