Pastoral services

One pastoral advisor is responsible for each department in University Hospital Basel.

Visits, dialogs, support

We seek contact and conversation with patients and their relatives.

As we can not be at all wards on a regular basis, we ask patients to get in touch with us. This can be done through the nursing staff, or directly with us.

We can be called for conversations and to assist in difficult situations. Of particular importance to us is the accompaniment of the dying and their families.

Religious and spiritual services

Questions and hopes can be expressed in a sacramental sign or in a ritual. We will gladly create an appropriate ceremony together with you.

On request, we perform communion or the Eucharist, read from the Scriptures, pray for reassurance and strength, and anoint and bless the sick.

We perform emergency baptisms.

On-call services

A 24-hour on-call service is available for exceptional situations and emergencies: 079 204 77 63. Contact is also possible via the main switchboard 111.