Practice development in nursing

Investment in systematic practice development is crucial for proactively tackling the changes in nursing practice and also formulating – and implementing – the  necessary forward-looking approaches. Practice development takes a critical look at our current ways of working so that we can then change or improve our practice. It is also designed to ensure that everyday practice is efficient and to rectify any shortcomings wherever they arise.

Practice development also means working with people in order to help them develop their own ideas so as to create a culture that enables change, supports medical staff, and nurtures their personal development. This will allow them to achieve their prime objectives. The crucial point here is that the general thrust of all developments should be directed towards improving patient outcomes.

Practice development is a strategic goal in USB’s system of patient care. Nursing management and nursing professionals are responsible for implementing the strategic goals. They are supported by the Department of Practice Development in Nursing (APE) and by nursing specialists in the role of division heads. At department level, senior nurses are responsible for practice development, while nurses with in-depth expertise, or “resource nurses” are responsible for key nursing issues.