asim Assessment

We are a scientific institute at the Medical Department of the University of Basel also integrated in the infrastructure of the University Hospital Basel.

In our clinical unit, “asim Assessment”, we perform approximately 600 independent poly-disciplinary medical evaluations a year and provide further services in the field of prevention and early diagnosis for employee dropout in the workplace.


Insurance medicine

Insurance medicine is a medical discipline which includes knowledge of all major medical fields, occupational and social medicine expertise and knowledge about insurance systems.

asim offers services for social insurance institutions and private insurance companies, and insured individuals, employees and employers as well as for all parties involved in healthcare.

Our services are divided into three sections:

Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs)
In IMEs, asim evaluates the health impairment of individuals claiming disability benefits and establishes causal links between health impairments and accidents.

Early Diagnosis and Prevention
Here, asim performs medical assessments for employees with increased health risks.

asim conducts risk assessments for pension funds and insurance companies when concluding insurance contracts.  In addition, we advise insurance companies and businesses on process organization and quality from a medical point of view.