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Medical Clinic

On referral, illnesses from the entire field of internal medicine are analyzed and treated on an outpatient basis.

As the Medical Clinic offers various specialized consultations from other departments in addition to general internal medicine, the close collaboration means that patients’ illnesses can be discussed, tested and treated on an interdisciplinary basis.

Another focus of the Medical Clinic is the provision of interdisciplinary evaluation and treatment for patients with suspected autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, immune defects or diseases of rheumatic origin. Special attention is paid to the detection and treatment of cardiovascular risk factors, the treatment of hypertension and the care of patients with heart failure, in close collaboration with the Departments of Cardiology, Nephrology and Endocrinology. In addition to our own tests, the entire diagnostic capabilities of the university hospital can also be deployed as needed. In addition to regular consultations, urgent outpatient evaluations or emergencies can be attended to on the same day. In case of unexpected developments, in-house hospitalization is possible.

The clinic, which is equipped with eight beds, offers a wide range of possibilities in outpatient therapies and evaluations. The Medical Clinic also offers consultations in collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Tropical Medicine & Public Health for vaccinations and travel, and conducts anonymous HIV testing.