Postnatal classes

Postnatal regression classes are recommended for all new mothers no matter the kind of birth they had.

Pregnancy and birth are challenging for a woman‘s body and the changes they cause won‘t go unnoticed once the baby is born. In the time after birth it is important to once again start paying attention to your own body and the general wellbeing as a new mother. Our classes are for women who want to strengthen and relax their pelvic floor and core muscles after birth. The newly gained strength and stability will provide you with a new body awareness and prevents permanent pelvic floor weakness. The course is held without babies present.



Course information

Our courses are based on the BeBo®-Concept, which is based on the following principles:

  • activation and strengthening exercises for the pelvic floor and the core muscles
  • body awareness and relaxation- training of behaviour and postures to protect the pelvic floor during everyday life with a baby
  • information about the restart of sports after pregnancy and birth
  • new knowledge about the pelvic floor and the prevention of both incontinence and prolapse of the uterus
  • time for yourself and the exchange with other mothers

When to start:
6 to 8 weeks after a vaginal birth and 8 to 10 weeks after a c-section are an ideal starting time. 

Lenght of the course: 8 weekly evening classes of 75 minutes each

Where: University Hospital Basel, Klingelbergstrasse 23, 4056 Basel

Costs: 320 CHF (please contact your insurance for a partial refund)

Instructors: The postnatal classes are held by specially trained midwives. They are either certified pelvic floor instructors or certified experts for the pelvic floor in pregnancy and the postpartum period.



Postnatal Class 3/2022
October 12th until December 7th, 2022 (without November 16th)
Wednesday 18.15-19.30 Uhr

Postnatal Class 4/2022
October 12th until December 7th, 2022 (without November 16th)
Wednesday 19.45- 21.00 Uhr




Raum Bellavista 
Klingelbergstrasse 23
4056 Basel