Thoracic Surgery

Since November 2007, University Hospital Basel has had its own Department of Thoracic Surgery, headed by Prof. Dr. Didier Lardinois. Since then, new crucial conceptual updates have been introduced, particularly in the areas of minimally invasive thoracic surgery and the treatment of patients with lung cancer.

The treatment of lung cancer has become increasingly complex in recent years. The lung treatment center at University Hospital Basel serves an international center of excellence in which experts from all relevant disciplines are involved in the planning and execution of optimal therapies for individual patients, according to current international guidelines.

Thoracic surgery necessitates extensive training and specialist experience in the required surgical techniques. As a result, high quality treatment and a low level of risk can be ensured for the patient. The major advantage of University Hospital Basel is the ability to perform technically demanding procedures in collaboration with other surgical disciplines (heart surgery, abdominal surgery, ENT, etc.).

On this basis, we offer our patients the highest level of thoracic surgical treatment options available and the opportunity to develop them together.


Head of Departement