Transplantation Immunology & Nephrology

Nephrology, the study of diseases of the kidney, includes a large array of illnesses and treatment options. The kidneys play a vital role in our body. Inadequate function is life-threatening. The prompt identification of kidney disease is of fundamental importance as its progression can be prevented, or at least delayed.

Nowadays, it is possible to replace defective kidneys through dialysis or transplantation. In addition to the detection and treatment of kidney disease, dialysis and kidney transplantations are key functions of our clinic. The Department of Nephrology & Transplantation Immunology has a pioneering role nationally and internationally in the field of kidney transplantation.

Our clinic’s research in all areas of nephrology, particularly in the field of kidney transplantation, enables us to continuously transfer new knowledge into clinical practice.


Head of Departement

Prof. Jürg Steiger
Ärztlicher Direktor