Vascular Surgery

The Department of Vascular Surgery is part of the Aarau-Basel University Vascular Center. It is an inter-cantonal vascular surgery department with two locations: Aarau Cantonal Hospital and University Hospital Basel.
The aim of the inter-cantonal unit is to ensure optimal treatment of patients receiving vascular surgery.

The treatment of vascular surgery patients poses special problems.

  • Vascular disease is common; however, only about 1,000 procedures per million population can be expected per year. Several international studies have shown that results of these interventions depend on the experience of the operating team and on the overall experience of the hospital. For this reason, and because of the necessary quality control, a vascular surgical center needs a sufficiently large area to serve, which is rarely achieved in Switzerland with its federally organized healthcare.
  • Patients often also have additional diseases (e.g. cardiac or respiratory failure). This increases the demands on the medical team and requires comprehensive collaboration with related disciplines (angiology, angioradiology, nephrology, dermatology, neurology).
  • By merging the vascular surgery departments of Aarau Cantonal Hospital and University Hospital Basel, the resulting concentration of patients on a team has ensured that the number of patients receiving vascular surgery (more than 1,500 patients/year) is comparable with other European centers. This also guarantees the experience necessary to treat exceptional situations and illnesses.