The Department of Hematology performs all procedures required for the evaluation and treatment of benign and malignant blood disorders, disorders of hemostasis (hemorrhagic diathesis; hemophilia) and clotting disorders of the blood (thrombophilia).

The Department of Hematology offers:

  • Hematologic consultation (for evaluation and treatment),
  • Isolation ward (for the treatment of leukemia, bone marrow failure and stem cell transplantation) and
  • A day clinic for patients following hospitalization on the isolation ward (for transfusion and outpatient therapies)
  • Day clinic at the outpatient clinic USB
  • Unit in the cell replacement clinic for therapeutic and preparative apheresis

The Department of Hematology works closely with diagnostic hematology and the hematology lab in laboratory medicine, as well as the Basel Blood Donation Center.

It is part of the Stem Cell Treatment Center.