• “Cold” laser ablation replaces conventional saws and drills

    04.07.2019 10:00  

    After around eight years of development and extensive studies and testing, yesterday (3 July 2019) the world’s first corrective surgery of the upper jaw using robot-guided cold laser ablation was carried out at University Hospital Basel. The laser technology, which is an integral part of the CARLO® system, will not only increase safety levels and lead to faster healing for patients, but is also suitable for universal use in a digital operating theatre environment.

  • First special consultation for patients with retinal diseases

    25.01.2018 09:14  

    The Eye Clinic of the University Hospital of Basel and the patient organization Retina Suisse are joining efforts. Together, they are now offering a special consultation for patients with retinal diseases – a first of its kind in German-speaking Switzerland. Another novelty for the German-speaking region in Switzerland is that the Eye Clinic of the University Hospital of Basel is offering transcorneal electrical stimulation as a new treatment option for inherited retinal diseases.

  • Best conditions for those trying to conceive

    21.12.2017 17:15  

    The Department of Reproductive Medicine and Gynecological Endocrinology of the Women’s Health Clinic at the University Hospital of Basel is moving to a new location. The modern offices at Vogesenstrasse 134 offer not only more treatment rooms and much more space, but also a high-tech laboratory and significantly more discretion for couples trying to conceive a child. The conditions for success in trying to conceive are also considerably improved thanks to the new law on medically assisted reproduction.

  • Downhill skiing world champion, Ilka Stuhec, undergoes a successful knee operation

    27.10.2017 15:23  

    The Slovenian Ilka Stuhec, downhill skiing world champion in St. Moritz in 2017 and winner of the downhill World Cup 2016/2017, has undergone knee surgery at the University Hospital in Basel. According to the operating surgeon, Prof. Niklaus Friederich, the operation on the cruciate ligament was a success. Ilka Stuhec will nevertheless miss the entire skiing world cup season 2017/2018 as well as the Winter Olympic Games in the South Korean city of Pyeongchang.

  • USB Voluntary Service

    07.08.2017 15:40  

    I am a member of the Voluntary Service at Basel University Hospital and we are recognisable from ourred waistcoats bearing the hospital logo.

  • Viola Heinzelmann in Swiss Health Magazine

    07.03.2017 09:51  

    Despite the development of worldwide medicine and pharmaceuticals, the number of cancer patients is growing steadily. Cancer is not called ‘the silent killer’ for nothing. No one is safe from the risk of this frightening diagnosis. Here we meet the famous surgeon Viola Heinzelmann, professor at the Basel University Hospital, to talk about research and modern methods of treatment of cancer in women.

  • A new drug to treat two forms of multiple sclerosis

    22.12.2016 09:12  

    Considerable advances continue to be made in multiple sclerosis treatment. The latest data shows that the new drug ocrelizumab is clearly superior to the previously authorized drug interferon beta-1A in the treatment of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. In addition, ocrelizumab is the very first drug to have an effect in the treatment of primary progressive multiple sclerosis and to delay the progression of disability. Results of the international phase 3 studies, which were conducted in part also at the University Hospital of Basel, have recently been published in the renowned New England Journal of Medicine.

  • Significant vision improvements in blind people

    08.12.2016 09:41  

    The retina is part of the central nervous system and the basis of our sense of sight. Frequently, the retina is affected by hereditary diseases that were untreatable until now. At present, an international research team headed by Prof. Hendrik Scholl, the new Chief Physician at the Eye Clinic of the University Hospital of Basel, is reporting progress in the development of therapy and a breakthrough in the treatment of blindness.

  • A More Sophisticated Approach to Shoulder Instability

    07.06.2016 10:10  

    The soft tissue surgery traditionally used to treat shoulder instability, named the Bankart Repair after the surgeon who first described it, is not always the ideal solution. A more sophisticated approach and a thorough analysis of risk factors is essential in ensuring that individual patients receive the treatment best suited to their symptoms.

  • The Future of Cancer Treatment?

    07.06.2016 10:10  

    Immunotherapy at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland: Immunotherapy is opening up new perspectives on the treatment of tumors. Our own immune systems can now be used to stop or even reverse tumor growth and control it long term. This is already a standard treatment for many tumors and an active field of study in practically every type that is treated.

  • New Surgical Methods

    07.06.2016 10:10  

    Proctology at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland: University Hospital Basel has expanded its range of proctological services. Patients receive interdisciplinary care and are offered cutting-edge treatment options such as laser treatment for fistula and hemorrhoids.

  • A Service for International Patients at University Hospital Basel

    07.05.2016 15:31  

    A conversation with Simone Rüdlin, head of the departement of International Service

  • Tailored Surgical Technique Sets New Standards.

    11.04.2016 10:10  

    Oncoplastic Surgery for Breast Cancer at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland: Tailored surgical technique takes account of a host of factors, and enables surgery to be performed in the way that best suits individual patients. However, issues such as aesthetics and quality of life also come into play.

  • A New ESWL Unit for the Treatment of Kidney and Urinary Stones

    11.04.2016 10:00  

    Fragmentation Made Easy at University Hospital Basel, Switzerland. The University Hospital’s Department of Urology has expanded its range of treatments for patients suffering with stones. We now have a state-of-the-art ESWL unit that allows us to fragment kidney and urinary stones more reliably and comfortably.