04. March 2021

The Department of Urology is a global centre of reference for use of “AI-Pathway Companion” software

Due to advances being made in technology and medicine, the treatment of patients with prostate cancer is generating a large and increasing amount of data that requires multidisciplinary teams to manage it. In order to improve interdisciplinary patient care, Siemens Healthineers has been working in close partnership with the Department of Urology, headed by Prof. Helge Seifert, to develop a software solution that provides targeted processing of patient data processing and visually maps out the entire treatment pathway for patients with prostate cancer.


The software solution also offers an intelligent decision support system, based on current guidelines, that supports and facilitates diagnostic and therapeutic decision-making. 

It was integrated into clinical routine activities by the Research & Analysis Services Department, which is led by Dr. Bram Stieltjes. The software puts the patient clearly at the centre of any treatment plan, thereby fulfilling the requirement for patient-centric treatment concepts. Initial study results are also revealing the benefits for the doctors providing treatment: Using AI-Pathway Companion software improves the quality of data and speeds up the decision-making process with the patient, thereby increasing effectiveness and satisfaction. 

In recent years, the Department of Urology has become the first department of urology in the world to integrate software the use of software into its operations, and in this pioneering role, has become a global centre of reference for the use of this software.

PD Dr Christian Wetterauer, the scientific director and coordinator of the centre of reference, see clear benefits for the future: “The AI Pathway Companion not only supports patients with their own decision-making, but also provides users with an efficient procedure within interdisciplinary patient care,” Wetterauer says.