24. September 2019

University Hospital Basel opens clinic for regeneration and aesthetics

The University Hospital Basel presented its Margarethenklinik to the public today. The University clinic for regeneration and aesthetics is joining forces with the new endowed chair for aesthetic surgery to conduct university research in this field of medicine, consolidate findings in the clinic and pass them on to students in lessons.


The demand for aesthetic medicine and surgery is increasing across the globe and is being handled by the market with a confusing selection of service providers, with various professional groups offering the widest possible range of treatments and procedures. By setting up the Margarethenklinik and creating the endowed chair for aesthetic plastic surgery, the University Hospital Basel aims to establish a university centre of excellence for regeneration and aesthetics. The goal is to take an academic approach to aesthetic surgery and the corresponding dermatology services and to develop research and standards that are largely lacking today. For example, there are currently no quality controls based on medium-to-long-term, patient-based outcome research for aesthetic treatments, even including major surgical procedures. This means that drawing on evidence to determine which methods and procedures are most effective and safest is only possible to a limited extent.

The purpose of the Margarethenklinik is to provide academic training for specialists in aesthetic surgery and dermatology, thus enhancing quality in the medium to long term.

The University Hospital’s new site offers expert consultations and a broad array of outpatient treatments and procedures, plus aftercare in the areas of aesthetic surgery, dermatology and some areas of urology. All these services are provided by specialists from the hospital itself. Patients can benefit from state-of-the-art equipment at a discreet location. The range of aesthetic treatment services is aimed at self-paying patients. The premises, located at Innere Margarethenstrasse 25, CH-4051 Basel, are very easily accessible by public transport and there is a multi-storey car park. Major surgical procedures are performed on the University Hospital Basel campus, which offers the advantage that the entire expertise and infrastructure of the University Hospital Basel is on hand, should it be required.
The Margarethenklinik team:
Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery
Prof. Dirk J. Schaefer, Chief Physician
Prof. Daniel Kalbermatten, Senior Consultant
PD Dr. Elisabeth Kappos, Senior Physician
Dr. Carlos Oranges, Consultant

Prof. Alexander Navarini, Chief Physician
Dr. Roberta Vasconcelos, Physician

Prof. Hans H. Seifert, Chief Physician
Prof. Ulrich Wetterauer, Senior Consultant
Dr. Matthias Wimmer, Head of Department

On-site team
Dr. Fabienne Iten, MBA, Managing Director
Doris de Bréchan, Medical Practice Assistant