16. September 2019

University Hospital Basel Tumor Center still the best

The University Hospital Basel Tumor Center and its organ tumor centers have been recertified by the German Cancer Society (DKG). University Hospital Basel's performance clearly surpassed requirements in some areas.


Certification is an important part of medical quality management as it creates transparency and makes performance quantifiable and comparable. The University Hospital Basel Tumor Center has again been certified by the German Cancer Society (DKG), thus allowing the Tumor Center and its organ tumor centers to continue using the title of “Certified oncology centre”. This title indicates that the University Hospital Basel centers fulfil the high requirements of the DKG and are therefore operating at the highest level in clinical terms. In addition, the various departments and experts based at the DKG- certified centers work closely together on an interdisciplinary basis.

The University Hospital Basel Tumor Center, under the leadership of Professor Christoph Rochlitz, is the organisational and professional superstructure that links the individual teams and disciplines that have specialised in treating the widest possible range of cancers. Here, professionals from completely different occupational categories work closely together to drive forward research into tumor diseases and to provide patients with the best possible clinical care.

In particular, DKG auditors assess the clinical expertise of centers and also their range of clinical studies, which, in accordance with certification guidelines, must be available to patients so they can access innovative treatment opportunities. In addition, tumor centers must offer patients consultations in the areas of nutrition, genetics, social services, psycho-oncology, pain therapy and palliative care as well as access to self-help groups. In order to provide patients with the best possible therapy, people from the professional disciplines concerned meet at “tumor conferences” to discuss and decide which therapy is the most promising in individual cases. To this end, 16 different conferences take place on a weekly basis at University Hospital Basel.

Also, the “immunotherapy” and “molecular therapy” competence networks at University Hospital Basel are unique within the wider region and are particularly important for patients who cannot be treated according to current guidelines.

DKG auditors highlight the fact that University Hospital Basel provides much more for its patients than what is necessary to obtain the certification as it also offers exercise programmes, family consultations, spiritual advice and more besides. In addition, the exchange of ideas among experts is much better and closer than in most hospitals – something which enables very personal support for patients.