08. October 2020

Urologists at University Hospital Basel treat benign prostate enlargement with high pressure

Patients with a benign enlarged prostate can be treated quickly, with millimetre accuracy and more gently then ever thanks to a new surgical robot that uses a high-pressure water jet instead of heat and electricity.


The AquaBeam® system, one of the most innovative robot-assisted procedures for treating benign prostate enlargement, is now available for the first time at University Hospital Basel.

The procedure involving the new surgical robot is performed without cutting through the urethra and takes between 20 and 30 minutes. The surgeon inserts the device and uses ultrasound to determine exactly where and how much excess tissue needs to be removed by a high-pressure water jet. This process is monitored with the help of real-time ultrasound. The surgical robot guarantees maximum precision and enables ablation of the area previously pinpointed by the surgeon to be performed with millimetre accuracy. This method makes it possible to remove the prostate tissue gently, quickly and in a controlled manner and means that there is no need to use any electricity or heat at all, thus protecting the surrounding tissue. 

Problems with urination due to a benign enlarged prostate are common and increase with age, with around 30% of men over 50 experiencing such problems. If treatment with medication is not successful, surgery can be performed via the urethra to relieve symptoms and improve ease of urination. Tissue ablation only takes a few minutes with the AquaBeam® system, regardless of the size of the gland. 

Patients with large prostate glands particularly benefit from the significantly shorter surgery time. In addition, the gentle technique, which avoids the use of heat while enabling high-precision tissue ablation, means that ejaculation and sexual function can be maintained in most patients. If you are interested, please contact the Department of Urology at University Hospital Basel for further information or clarification: https://www.unispital-basel.ch/en/ueber-uns/bereiche/chirurgie/kliniken-und-abteilungen/urology/