Financial matters

The “International Service” of University Hospital Basel handles all administrative and financial matters. Should you have any questions related to your cost estimate or invoice, please contact us.

Based on the examinations/treatment recommended by our specialists, we will provide an overview of the costs to be expected. The estimate represents a preliminary calculation based on the medical data provided and it may differ from the real costs.

Payment methods

Once you have decided to be treated at University Hospital Basel, we kindly ask you to arrange payment of the deposit amount indicated on the cost estimate. Payment is possible by credit card or bank transfer.

Final invoice

Approximately 4-6 weeks after completion of the treatment we will provide an itemized invoice in German. If the real costs are lower than the deposit payment, we will refund the remaining amount. In some cases, particularly when complications occur, an additional payment might be necessary.

The invoice is an official document which will be issued in German.