What happens if a lump is found in your breast? What are the next steps if an examination detects something suspicious? Women with suspected breast cancer want the situation clarified as soon as possible. The Breast Care Centre team looks after patients and provides essential support at every stage of treatment.



Pathology involves the examination of tissue samples and cell material taken during a biopsy. All tissue samples are initially examined under the microscope. A broad range of additional analysis techniques allow more accurate differentiation of benign and malignant growths. These additional tests are part of the treatment plan. For example, every carcinoma of the breast is examined to check whether the tumour cells contain hormone receptors. If this is the case, treatment with hormone receptors could be a good option. During an operation, pathology specialists support the surgeons by immediately analysing tissue excised for intraoperative biopsies. Partly because they are skilled in determining the type of tumour, pathologists are essential participants in our Tumour Conferences.