Centre for Lung Tumours

The Centre for Lung Tumours specialises in treating patients with acute and chronic lung disease or tumours. Our treatment brings together the expertise of six specialists from diagnostic, medical and surgical disciplines. The latest knowledge and experience are combined with advanced techniques, scientific research, and holistic care ensuring the patient is treated with kindness and respect.
At our weekly Tumour Board we discuss each case individually with input from all cancer specialists so that we can offer every patient the best possible diagnosis and treatment. Our patients not only benefit from rapid and exhaustive diagnostics with the very latest treatment options, but also comprehensive and personalised advice. This is complemented by a range of support services such as counselling (psycho-oncology), physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other alternatives if required.

Members of the Centre for Lung Tumours regularly discuss the latest developments in their specialist areas and meet for continuous professional training. We also place great importance on the training of young colleagues and the development of professional skills throughout the centre. Many outside specialists are also regularly invited to our training sessions to create and share a common body of knowledge and experience.

Our active involvement in national and international clinical trials allows our patients a wider range of treatment options. For example, we are members of the Swiss Group for Clinical Cancer Research (SAKK) and can provide innovative treatments to our cancer patients in the Tumour Centre from an early stage.




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