Centre for Skin Tumours

The mission of the Centre for Skin Tumours at University Hospital Basel is to offer patients comprehensive and holistic treatment and support in the management of their skin condition. The hospital has a long and successful track record in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancer. In addition, University Hospital Basel is also actively involved in fundamental and clinical research into skin cancer.

The patient benefits directly from excellent collaboration between many different specialists who are able to make a positive contribution to skin cancer patients, who not only benefit from good healthcare but also state-of-the-art medical expertise.

As the hospital is engaged in teaching and research, patients have access to the very latest knowledge, the most innovative and effective treatment strategies, and a network of international specialists. Permanent members of the regular interdisciplinary Tumour Conferences include medics specialising in dermatology, plastic surgery, visceral surgery, oncology, radiotherapy, nuclear medicine, pathology, genetics and radiology.

The aim of the Centre for Skin Tumours is to identify the safest, quickest and most cost-efficient combination of therapies for skin cancer patients, while minimising the stress of diagnostic procedures as much as possible. The holistic course of treatment is planned in accordance with international guidelines adhered to by all members of the Centre for Skin Tumours. Following treatment, the best and most appropriate aftercare is determined for the cancer patient and dedicated support partners entrusted with their subsequent care.

The Centre for Skin Tumours continuously updates its expertise in treating skin cancer and immediately incorporates new research into its care plan. The group of experts is also involved in the early detection of all skin tumours and has the technologies needed to achieve this goal. The members of the Centre are also responsible for the continuous development of the teaching of skin cancer conditions.

Treatment options and appointments

The Centre for Skin Tumours at University Hospital Basel offers patients all scientifically documented and effective treatment options. Apart from surgery to remove the tumour and reconstruct the skin, modern techniques include laser treatment and low-energy radiotherapy. Radiosurgery and local immune treatments are other therapy options. If requested, we can also work with alternative medicine practitioners as long as the method chosen can be administered in combination with conventional medicine.

The types of treatment mentioned are mainly suited to localised tumours. The treatment of skin tumours on the face is a special case. Patients with advanced skin cancer and neoplasms often require whole-body treatments in the form of tablets or infusions. This type of chemotherapy is administered by our oncology specialists. They make use of ground-breaking methods that have been developed in recent years to treat malignant melanomas. Modern radiotherapy with all its sophisticated techniques is another weapon in the armoury used for patients with extensive and advanced-stage skin cancer.
The decision about which type of treatment is best suited to patients with complex skin cancer conditions is made at the interdisciplinary Tumour Conference attended by all our medical specialists.


Centre for Skin Tumours
University Hospital Basel
Petersgraben 4
4031 Basel
Tel. +41 61 265 43 59
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  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. sc. nat. Alexander Navarini
    Chefarzt Dermatologie,
    Leiter Zentrum für Hauttumore
    Ärztliche Co-Leitung Klinische Forschung

  • Prof. Dirk Johannes Schaefer
    Ärztlicher Departementsleiter
    Chefarzt Plastische, Rekonstruktive, Ästhetische Chirurgie und Handchirurgie, Stv. Leiter Zentrum für Hauttumore


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