Gynaecological Tumour Centre

Cancer is a complex disease – and its treatment is equally specialised and comprehensive. The key objective is always the maximum possible destruction of malignant tumour cells. At the same time, consideration is given to side-effects and potential long-term consequences so as to strive for the best possible quality of life in the long term. To achieve this balance, our motto during treatment is always: as much as necessary – as little as possible.

Here our focus is not purely on your medical condition, but also on psychological aspects: a tumour can often stir up fear and uncertainty in patients. In the Gynaecological Tumour Centre we use different approaches provided by the interdisciplinary skills of a specialist centre and tackle gynaecological tumours in a comprehensive, holistic manner. We display strength in our battle against cancer, and we help women to feel equally strong.

Portrait of the Gynaecological Tumour Centre  (German only)



New referrals

Tel. +41 61 265 93 33
Fax +41 61 265 90 37

Chemotherapy Clinic

Tel. +41 61 556 50 62
Fax +41 61 265 90 37

Tumour Follow-up

Tel. +41 61 265 93 33
Fax +41 61 265 90 37




Management Board

Prof. Dr. Daniel Boll
Stv. Chefarzt Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin, Leitung abdominelle und onkologische Diagnostik, med. Dienstleistung, Mitglied Tumorzentrum
Tel.+41 61 328 63 32
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Diana Cascais
Pflegeexpertin Gynäkologie und Gyn. Onkologie
Tel.+41 61 328 54 80

Dr. Sandra Eckstein
Leitende Ärztin Palliative Care,
Mitglied Tumorzentrum
Tel.+41 61 328 50 12

Prof. Jan Gärtner
Ärztlicher Leiter,
Palliativzentrum Hildegard,
Mitglied Tumorzentrum

Prof. Dr. med. Dr. phil. Karl Heinimann
Stv. Ärztliche Leitung, Laborleiter Molekulargenetik,
Mitglied Tumorzentrum

Prof. Wilhelm Ruppen
Leitender Arzt Schmerztherapie,
Mitglied Tumorzentrum

Dr. phil. Corinne Urech
Leitende Psychologin
Gyn. Sozialmedizin und Psychosomatik,
Mitglied Tumorzentrum
Tel.+41 61 265 92 04
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PD Dr. Simone Münst Soysal
Kaderärztin Pathologie
Mitglied Tumorzentrum
Tel.+41 61 328 54 60

Dr. Michael Dobbie
Chefarzt Medizinische Onkologie, Hôpital du Jura

Prof. Viola Heinzelmann
Leiterin Frauenklinik, Chefärztin Gynäkologie/Gyn. Onkologie
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