Care in the Urological Tumour Centre

The care provided by the Urological Tumour Centre focuses on the following:

  • Nursing care and support before and after an operation
  • Training in prophylactic measures to avoid complications (e.g. prophylactics for thrombosis or pneumonia)
  • Care of urinary catheter systems and surgical wounds, if necessary in conjunction with the incontinence care team.
  • Ward visits by care staff to discuss and assess individual patients’ needs.
  • Close interdisciplinary cooperation with additional nursing support (APN continence training, oncology care programme)

APN Continence Promotion (outpatient/ inpatient)

  • Advice for patients, relatives and caregivers in dealing with urinary diversion systems (transurethral and suprapubic bladder catheters)
  • Advice on incontinence
  • Clarification of individually adapted aids such as absorbent incontinence products, urinal condoms or urine bags
  • Training of patients and relatives, for example in self-catheterisation or in the use of urinary drainage systems (urine catheter)
  • Nursing support and advice after urological procedures such as prostatectomy etc.