The Medical Clinic: Medical Consultations in English

The Medical Outpatient Clinic has always taken pride in providing medical care in English, and currently we are aiming at making this service more accessible. Doctors from the Medical Outpatient Clinic are available for all English-speaking patients requiring general check-ups, lab and diagnostic tests, referrals to specialists and other services. We can explain and document your results in English. We aim to make your experience as comfortable as possible, starting with initial contact to make an appointment and transparency regarding insurance and billing.

These are some of the services we offer:

  • general check-up
  • evaluation and second opinions for simple, complex and chronic health problems
  • diagnostics (sonography, echocardiography, ECG, 24h-ECG, cardiac exercise test ergometry, 24h-blood pressure measurements, overnight pulse oximetry, spirometry)
  • hypertension and cardiovascular risk assessment
  • iron infusions
  • vaccinations
    • we offer counselling and if needed testing for vaccine-preventable diseases to optimize your immunization status/record, as well as serological STD or chronic infectious disease screening.

  • serological test including COVID-19 antibody testing
    • this test only indicates whether there has been significant contact with the virus
    • subjects with acute symptoms should go to the test center of the USB 


Contact us

Medical Outpatient Clinic                                                     
Dr. Thenral Socrates
Tel. +41 61 265 50 05                                                         



for International Patients:
International Patient Service
Tel. +41 61 556 57 55