Symposium “Shattering Culture” – Diversity in Health Care

In Swiss health care, concepts such as “cultural competence” or “(hyper)diversity” are upcoming issues. While so far mainly medical anthropologists addressed these issues, an increasing number of health professionals and institutions become involved in these concepts. This process is promoted by a growing diversity of both patients and health care providers, significant health disparities between the “immigrant” and “indigenous” populations and the corresponding national strategy “Migration and Health” by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health.

Therefore, the presentations by the authors of the book “Shattering Culture – American Medicine Responds to Cultural Diversity” form a highly welcome input to stimulate reflections on the Swiss stance and to design future steps towards a “cultural (hyper)diversity” in health care. By applying the title “Shattering Culture” the authors refer to the uncertainty of being able “to capture current social and individual identities” in environments of “cultural (hyper)diversity” by indicators of “cultural difference” like national origin.

The symposium and the seminar address health care professionals, (medical) anthropologists and professionals of other (health-related) disciplines. While the symposium particularly provides insights into varying perspectives of “cultural (hyper)diversity” in medicine and in the ways health professionals deal with this issue, the seminar invites participants to look into different, more theoretical approaches and current discourses and to benefit from the long-standing experience of the presenters and Swiss experts in the field.


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