Guido Perrot

​Head Therapy Services


Peter Suter

Head Service Development Therapy

Peter investigates difference in lower back muscle strength endurance and activity in patients with lower back pain


PD Dr. med. Geert Pagenstert

​Praxis Clarahof, Basel and University of Basel

Geert studies clinical aspects of orthopaedic conditions specialized on the lower extremity.


PD Dr. med. Dr. phil. André Leumann

OrthoPraxis Leumann, Basel

André researches functional outcome after lengthening osteotomy of the lateral column of the foot and biomechanics of orienteering athletes.


Dr. med. Philipp Krenn


Philipp compares differences in hindfoot and forefoot kinematics between level and uphill treadmill walking in relation to passive range of motion in patients after lengthening osteotomy of the lateral column.


Dr. med. Franziska Saxer

Consultant, Orthopaedics and Traumatology