Clinical Infectious Diseases

Our research in the field of clinical infectious diseases focuses on epidemiological and clinical aspects of S. aureus infections and on S. aureus colonisation. In response to clinical problems encountered during the consultation service, other studies aim atimproving the clinical management of patients with specific conditions (e.g. screening for tuberculosis, amebic abscess, infections with rare pathogens). Furthermore, we are currently expanding our antibiotic stewardship program.

Specific research topics

Staphylococcus aureus

  • Retrospective study on clinical and microbiological aspects of S. aureus infections at the University Hospital in Basel.
  • Epidemiology and risk factors for S. aureus and MRSA colonisation in populations at risk (e.g. intravenous drug users, rheumatoid arthritis patients).

Specific clinical problems related to clinical work

  • Screening for tuberculosis and management of refugees with pulmonary infiltrates.
  • Diagnosis of amebic liver abscesses.
  • Value of procalcitonin as diagnostic parameter for infections after neurosurgery.
  • Plasma brain natriuretic peptide in severe sepsis and septic shock.

Antibiotic stewardship

  • Empiric antibiotic therapy of patients admitted through the emergency department.
  • Participation in the ARPAC study (Antibiotic Resistance Prevention and Control): European study with the aim to identify antibiotic policies, prescription patterns and infection control policies associated with lower rates of antibiotic resistant pathogens at the individual hospital level.