Infections in Transplant Patients

Specific research topics

Fungal infections

  • "Funginos": network of infectious disease specialists of 7 University hospitals and 10 University affiliated hospitals in Switzerland, which are interested in the epidemiology and management of fungal infections.
  • Invasive aspergillosis: invasive aspergillosis in bone marrow transplant patients.

Nosocomial infections

  • "Onko-Kiss": Prospective surveillance on nosocomial infections in patients on the bone marrow transplant unit.

Infectious diseases in transplant patients

  • "STCS” (Swiss Transplant Cohort Study): prospective study on post transplant complications in solid organ and bone marrow / stem cell transplant recipients including a prospective infection surveillance data base.

Transplantation virology

  • BK virus, EBV, CMV: Currently, three areas of research are pursued: In the clinical arena, the definition of risk factors and intervention strategies are investigated. In the virological field, genotypic changes in the BK virus (BKV) genome are examined with respect to their functional consequences. In the immunological field, characterisation of the humoral and cellular immune response of renal transplant patients is examined as complementing surrogate marker which, together with the BKV viral load in plasma and urine may allow to predict progression and regression of polyomavirus-associated nephropathy. Similar approaches are taken regarding cytomegalovirus and Epstein-Barr-virus in renal, heart and stem cell transplant patients.