News, 22. Juni 2017

Forschungsprojekt über Medikamenten-Interaktionen bei HIV-Medikamenten gewinnt AbbVie Preis 2017

Anlässlich der diesjährigen Generalversammlung der Schweizerischen HIV-Kohortenstudie (SHCS) am 22.06.2017 in Bern haben Frau PD Dr. Catia Marzolini (Klinik Infektiologie & Spitalhygiene, Universitätsspital Basel) und Herrn Prof. Laurent Decosterd (Abteilung Klinische Pharmakologie und Toxikologie, Universitätsspital Lausanne) den AbbVie Preis 2017 erhalten. Frau PD Dr. Catia Marzolini und Herr Prof. Decosterd untersuchen in der prämierten Arbeit „Model-based simulation and clinical validation of drug-drug-interactions in the Swiss HIV-Cohort Study“  Medikamenteninteraktionen bei HIV-Medikamenten. Ihr Forschungsprojekt wurde von einem unabhängigen internationalen Forschungsausschuss aus am Schluss noch drei topqualifizierten SHCS-Forschungsprojekten für den Preis ausgewählt.

Drug-drug interactions with anti-HIV drugs represent a considerable challenge in the management of aging HIV infected individuals

Antiretroviral drugs have transformed HIV infection from a deadly disease into a manageable chronic condition. As a result, HIV infected individuals live longer and are aging. Thus the management of HIV infection is becoming more complex as patients encounter more age-related chronic co-morbidities leading to increasingly complex drug combinations with a high potential of drug-drug interactions (DDI). There is currently a paucity of clinical data on DDI and their management.  The research project awarded by the AbbVie Prize aims at quantifying in patients not only the plasma concentrations of antiretroviral drugs but also all relevant co-medications. These data will be subsequently analysed by population pharmacokinetic approaches and will also help at validating physiologically based pharmacokinetic models representing the elderly individuals. These models will be applied to simulate DDI in silico and will help at deciphering how to manage DDI in this special population. This research project of the Swiss HIV Cohort Study is supported by the SNF.