Since the late 1980s the tissue biobank of the University Hospital Basel is located at and curated by our institute. The tissue specimens conserved in this biobank are accompanied by complete histopathological electronic annotation. So far, the biobank accounts for almost 30’000 fresh frozen (FF) tissue specimens, most of them originating from neoplastic tissues with matched formalin fixed and paraffin embedded (FFPE) tissue blocks. The number of FF samples collected for the biobank steadily increases: in 2014, 1’853 FF biopsies from 1’157 patients were collected.

The biobank works according to its regulation, which is conform to the Swiss Federal Act on Research involving human beings (Human Research Act, HRA; German: Humanforschungsgesetz, HFG). The biobank activities are protocolled as standard operating procedures (SOPs) and the laboratories are accredited (ISO 17025/2005 and ISO 15189/2007) since November 2014 (STS 0607). The use of the material is documented in the regulation of the biobank. Its use is allowed for diagnostic purposes as well as, after ethical approval, for quality control, educational and research purposes.

The material of the biobank provides a precious source for investigating unique research question since, due to its cryoconservation, DNA, RNA and proteins are well conserved and can be used for cell and molecular analyses. Further, the paired and supplementary large collection of FFPE material allows validation and further translational research studies.

Biobank Regulations (in German)