14. März 2017

Motivational lnterviewing in Health Care

Prof. Stephen Rollnick, Cardiff University, Great Britain


Behavior change is a critical part of effective health care. Anyone who has treated patients knows that the adoption of a new healthy behavior, the cessation of an unhealthy behavior, or the committment to adhere to medical advice is central to effective medical care and difficult to achieve. Motivational interviewing is a directive, client-centred counselling style for eliciting behaviour change by helping clients to explore and resolve ambivalence. lt is most centrally defined not by technique but by its spirit as a facilitative style for interpersonal relationship. This talk seeks to define motivational interviewing and to characterize its essential nature, differentiating it from other approaches with which it may be confused. A brief update is also provided regarding (1) evidence for its efficacy and (2) new problem areas and populations to which it is being applied.