16. Januar 2018

The feeling of guilt and its impact on the efficiency of the immune system

Frère Emmanuel Taizé Community, France


The feeling of guilt, often as deep as it is unconscious, impacts the use of the patient’s immune system. When patients are not reconciled with their life, when they dislike some of their deeds or thoughts, a severe selfjudgment is more or less active deep within them. It is as if a part of themselves considers that they are not worthy to be well, healthy and happy in their life. In other words, a part of themselves is unconsciously fighting against themselves and does not allow their immune system to use its full potential against their disease. A fruitful encounter between psychology and science can support a better understanding of this inner process and show the benefit for the patient of a greater role to be played in the future by the kind attitude and positive listening of the medical staff. And when the patients are belivers, a better knowledge of a few spiritual insights by the medical staff – whatever their own convictions – can also increase the chances of a more efficient use of the immune system and then the chances of healing.