27. März 2018

Working Compassionately with Anger

Dr. Russell Kolts Inland Northwest Compassionate Mind Center, Spokane Valley, Washington, USA


Anger can be a tricky emotion to work with, for several reasons. It can be powerful within us, which can make it hard for us to commit to giving it up, particularly when we don't feel powerful in other ways. Unlike other challenging emotions like anxiety and sadness, anger also tends to push others away, robbing us of the social support that might be helpful to us as we struggle with these difficult feelings. While many think of anger in terms of aggressive behavior, it can manifest in many other ways as well, including passive-aggressiveness, resistance, and (for example, in treatment settings) noncompliance. Drawing upon evolutionary psychology and the neuroscience of emotion, this talk will introduce a compassion-focused approach to understanding and working with anger, which will explore where our anger comes from, why it can be so tricky to deal with, and some strategies for working effectively with this challenging emotion.