03. März 2022

University Hospital Basel ranked 14th best hospital in the world

University Hospital Basel (UHB) has shot up the rankings by the American magazine “Newsweek”, rising from an already outstanding 35th place last year to 14th best hospital in the world out of 2200. The ranking is based on evaluations from patient surveys, measurements of quality and surveys of nurses, doctors and other health care professionals.


University Hospital Basel is among the biggest winners in the hospital rankings by the American magazine "Newsweek". Compared to last year, USB has risen sharply and is now in 14th place out of 2200 hospitals in 28 countries. Out of the Swiss hospitals in the list, USB has risen from 3rd to 2nd place.

The rankings by "Newsweek" magazine were drawn up in tandem with a statistics company. This involved evaluation of data from patient surveys, quality indices and surveys of health care professionals (doctors, nurses and hospital management).

The hospital management and Board of Directors at USB view this independent, external evaluation as confirmation of the outstanding work of the USB staff.