28. April 2014

Valerij Kiselev (Freiburg i. B.): Mesoscopic MRI: How to see the invisible

Konferenzraum 1 der Klinik für Radiologie und Nuklearmedizin am Universitätsspital Basel (Klinikum 2, Untergeschoss 01)


Referent: PD Dr. Valerij Kiselev, Universitätsklinikum Freiburg i. B.

Thema: Mesoscopic MRI: How to see the invisible


Intensive work is aimed at boosting the spatial resolution of MRI. While there are several innovative approaches being pursued, these developments do not promise an image resolution better than of the order of a millimeter when considering MRI of large parts of the human body. This millimeter scale is three orders of magnitude coarser than the fundamental scale of biology – the micrometer size of living cells. Obtaining information on a cellular scale poses a fundamental challenge to future MRI developments in the assessment of normal development, disease etiology, and diagnostic procedures. This talks gives an overview of already existing approaches and discusses a shift in the research paradigm that is associated with achieving these goals.