Inpatient stay

Our clinic

The ENT bed ward is located in Clinic 1 at Spitalstrasse 21 on the 2nd floor. Most of the beds are on the garden side and face south. Our patients have access to bright, friendly single or twin rooms with en-suite shower/WC, television, telephone and radio. Opposite the rooms are the examination rooms, the ward doctor's office, the nursing staff's ward offices and other work rooms. The ward is divided into two units. Each unit has its own ward office.

Your entry day

If you are being operated on the day of admission, special procedures apply because you have already undergone some preliminary clarifications. If you are not operated on the day of admission, your daily routine will generally be as follows:

From 09.30 Move into your room
Until 11.30 Admission interview, blood sample, meal order
From 11.50 Lunch is served
From 12.00 Consultation with your surgeon
Until 14.15 Admission rounds with the ward doctor
14.55 Anesthesia consultation
From 17.50 Dinner
22.00 Night's rest, discreet checks every 2 hours (until 6.00 a.m.)

You are normally allowed to eat until midnight. Drinking is permitted for longer. Please ask a nurse on the late-night service for more information. If you are not undergoing surgery, your daily routine will be different. Your responsible nurse will inform you personally.

Further information on your stay, the day of surgery and discharge can be found in our brochure:

Inquiries about your inpatient stay

Phone +41 61 265 48 25

Telephone availability: Mon-Fri 9 am - 3 pm