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Not smoking is smart!

Smoking is the most important risk factor for the occurrence of lung, heart, vascular and cancer diseases.

The aim of CleverBasel is to inform young people between the ages of 12 and 14 about the addictive potential and dangers of smoking and to make them aware of the direct consequences. The aim is to encourage them in their decision against tobacco.

Classes with pupils aged between 12 and 14 are invited. The events last approx. 3 hours. Two classes can take part in each event.

The program

Development of:

  • Reasons for starting
  • Effects of nicotine
  • Marketing strategies of the tobacco industry
  • Consequences of smoking (health, appearance, costs...)
  • Alternative forms of smoking

Empowering young people to decide against experimenting with cigarettes and against smoking

Presentation of a medical intervention as a movie

  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Lung endoscopy
  • Age-appropriate commentary by the examiner

To make the health consequences and the effects on physical integrity directly visible and tangible to young people

Joint interview of a patient suffering from a secondary disease of smoking

  • Introductory questions by the attending physician, after which the young people can question the patient themselves
  • Interdisciplinarity (cardiology, internal medicine, oncology, pneumology, ENT etc.)

Creating emotions through the tangible, personal illness of the patient and the description of their smoking career

Since the start of the project in 2014, over 1,500 pupils have attended the clever!

I found it very interesting to touch the lungs too. The interview was very impressive.

I thought it was great that you were allowed to ask questions yourself. I thought it was good that there was a patient interview with someone who had experienced everything themselves.

I learned a lot and it was interesting.

There should be more events like this as a lot of young people smoke.

I will try everything not to smoke. I don't want to. But in some cases it's almost impossible not to try something.

I think this campaign is great because it shows what happens after smoking.

I think it would have been better if they had put the lungs away again, because that was really scary.

I really enjoyed listening to it. I especially found the interview informative. Hopefully I'll never start smoking.

I think it's good that they're doing this event. That way I learn about the consequences.

I found it very exciting. I was surprised that so many diseases are caused by smoking.

I learned how bad smoking is.

I found everything very exciting. For example, the thing with the tube.

I think you only realize what smoking can do when you see an example.

I think it's good that you're doing something like this. Many children don't know what's happening. Thank you for a great afternoon.

I thought it was great. The patient interview was very interesting. I hope the patient doesn't get worse.

I found the workshop exciting because you learned a lot, but I found the movie a bit scary.

I found a few things disgusting to watch, but otherwise I found it interesting. Thank you very much. That will help me.



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