Intimate area

Labia reduction / labiaplasty

The shape and size of the labia varies greatly from person to person. The labia minora can protrude significantly beyond the labia majora or be asymmetrically shaped. While a small anatomical variant is rarely perceived as disturbing, large labia minora can pose an aesthetic and health problem. If you are not affected yourself, it is difficult to comprehend the disability in everyday life due to the annoying size of the labia. Affected women suffer from painful rubbing after prolonged walking, wearing tight jeans or cycling, as well as unpleasant inflammatory swelling and recurring fungal infections. Some women are reluctant to go to the sauna or have contact with their partner because of the shape of their labia.

The incision varies from person to person, depending on your findings and your wishes.

In medically justified cases, the operation may be covered by your health insurance.

Stay: outpatient

Operation duration: 30 min

Anesthesia: local anesthesia, twilight sleep or general anesthesia on request

Stitches: self-dissolving

Drains: none

Postoperative: Sport and physical contact after 2 weeks

Scars: hardly visible