Male breast / gynecomastia

An increase in the size of the male breast is often perceived as very disturbing by those affected. Before the procedure, any hormonal or oncological causes must be ruled out. The additional volume can be caused by an increase in fat and/or glandular tissue. Depending on the extent of the findings, the size can be corrected by suction or excision, and sometimes by a combination of both techniques.

In medically justified cases, the costs are covered by health insurance.

Stay: outpatient or 1 night

Operation duration: approx. 1-2 hours

Anesthesia: general anesthesia and tumescent anesthesia

Stitches: self-dissolving

Drains: usually none

Postoperative: 4-6 weeks compression garment, able to work after approx. 1 week

Scars: fade after 6-12 months