Junior assistants and clinical traineeships in radiation oncology

Learning objectives

Students should become familiar with the requirements, indications, planning, implementation and monitoring of radiotherapy for benign and malignant diseases using conventional and high-voltage radiation (photons and electrons) as well as the importance and implementation of tumor follow-up care. All parts of this catalog are equally important for both patients and radiation oncologists. This is taken into account by a suitable rotation program. Furthermore, it should be ensured that students can gain an idea of the effectiveness of radiotherapeutic measures (including their combination with surgery and/or chemotherapy, also within the framework of so-called protocol treatments) in curative and palliative terms depending on the type and extent of the tumor.

The students actively participate in the daily work of the respective clinic and thus gain an overview of the respective specialty.


In each case under the supervision and guidance of the responsible medical specialists:

  • Participation in the admission examinations, including checking, evaluating and, if necessary, supplementing the findings relevant to the treatment indication and type, participation in the admission rounds and participation in the oncological follow-up checks
  • Participation in the daily rounds in the radiation planning department, if necessary collaboration in radiation planning (combined with the possibility of drawing up and optimizing radiation plans yourself on the simulator and on the department's internal computer) as well as in the implementation and monitoring of radiation treatments on the various devices, participation in the follow-up examinations of patients undergoing treatment
  • Participation in the regular interdisciplinary tumor conferences and colloquia of the oncological organ centers of the University Hospital (abdominal tumor center, breast center, gynecological tumor center, brain tumor center, urological tumor center, etc.) as well as in consultations within the USB
  • Opportunity for guided problem-based self-study

Requirements and availability:

Students of our faculty in the elective year of study as well as students in their final year of study (for foreign students) are welcome.

Available places:

2 per month

Program duration:

Program duration: 1-4 months with full workload, mandatory from the 1st day of the month.

The same conditions apply for clinical traineeships as for junior assistant positions. However, they are unpaid. There is also the possibility to get a taste of working with us for a shorter period (1-3 weeks) as part of an internship.

Please also contact Silvana Rossi

Application modalities

Send your complete application with

  • letter of motivation
  • Curriculum vitae (preferably with photo)
  • Current proof of enrollment
  • Examination documents (certificates of previous academic achievements)
  • Copy of ID (for students from abroad)

You can submit your application at any time.

Please send your application for a junior assistant position by e-mail to the secretariat of the Department of Radiation Oncology.